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What you have to keep in mind with international orders:

Because of the fact that the shipment of tickets takes place by e-mail, the tickets can also be ordered smoothly from abroad without any extra fees.

Please note that due to longer payment processing times from abroad the payment transaction must be made to Ticket69 at the latest 8 days before concert date. A timely payment receipt can then be guaranteed as well as a punctual mailing of the tickets.

The international bank account of Ticket69 is:

Account Holder: Jan Golz /

IBAN: DE89100708480142879601


Deutsche Bank

In the case of concert cancellations, inherent fees for the transfer of refunds to international customers will be subtracted from the amount refunded.

Please refer to the general terms and conditions of Ticket69 before ordering.

How the order transaction works.

Please choose the band you are looking for from the artist list on the left side and click on the required concert.

Please leave your name, your postal address (only used for your invoice) and your e-mail address and choose your required number of tickets.

After you submit your order you will automatically receive an invoice by e-mail with the request to transfer funds. If you don't directly receive your invoice by e-mail upon ordering, please check your spam-folder. Some anti-spam-filters also block important e-mails with invoice attachments.

There are no further costs, the ticket prices include all contained pre-sales fees. Following receipt of your payment, you will receive the tickets from your order as a pdf-document by e-mail. The tickets can be printed in black & white.

A random generator will create a nine-digit ticket code and make the tickets tamperproof and the multiple use of one and the same ticket impossible. The organizer will have a checklist with all legal codes for the concert.
You can open the pdf-document with the Acrobat Reader software. If you don't have this standard program on your computer, you can download it for free at the following link:

If you can't click on the required date it means that either the pre-sales haven't started at this time or the local organizer hasn't approved tickets for the show for Ticket69 yet. In this case, please try again at a later time to see if the tickets are available then. 



How can I make shure that my self-printed tickets will accepted at the location's entrance?

The system of Ticket69 allready runs for two years, furthermore succesfully. We are not the only provider of E-tickets that have to be printed at home.

Every organizer has to activate a certain amount of ticket befor we can get started with the presale. Therefor event-organizers will get informed about our terms and conditions and about the fact that we are only selling E-tickets.

As another precaution the organizer gets a list with the number of tickets sold and the names of the customers. It is at least important that 9-digit ticket code is readable.

As you can see the system is professional and reliable and it's made to reduce costs for concert tickets (just 2€ + basic price that is fixed by the organizer) and to safe costs for delivery and handling

Unlike the other providers all ticket-prices are gross prices without any additional costs.

How long does a ticket need for delivery?

Your offer will be confirmed immediately via Email. The complete bill within our bank details is enclosed.

As soon as the money arrives the tickets will be delivered by another Email.

Most banks need approximately 24h to book the money transfer as far as you are using online-banking. When using a handwriten withdrawal it will normally take up to two days longer. Please keep in mind that banks normally do not work during the weekend. Money transfers might not be booked before monday.

If a ticket does not reach your Email inbox please also check your spam folder. The delivery mail might be handled as spam.
In case there are further problems please write an Email including the invoice number. This will make it easier for us to find your particular order and to fix the problem.

You can also check the status of your order during the office hours by phone. The number is: 03379-201453. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to call.

When ordering more than one ticket, can I cut them to keep them seperatly?

If you want to order more than one ticket  for more than one event you can of course cut them so that each ticket can go its own way. Please take care not to cut off the ticket-code to keep the ticket valid.

Why does an order has to be placed al least 6 days befor the date of the acutal event?

The common deadline for any orders of ticktes should avoid that money transfers arrive too late. As well as money transfers need a certain amount of time, esspecially when they are placed during the weekend or on a public holyday it is also the case that it takes even longer if you are not using online banking. Please take care that your order is right in time.

In case you have missed the deadline you can try to directly contact the organizer or the location's office (for example via internet-research) to ask wether there are further tickets available at the box office.

I have placed an order but the confirming email is missing?

Our confirming Email are generated automatically. This should never take longer than a few seconds.
The most common reasons for these problems are:
- Your are using an AOL-account. AOL often deletes mails that are automatically generated or mails that have a bill as attachment without informing the user. In this case you should mail to so that we can set up the confirmation manually.

While entering your Email-adress a typing error has occured or you migth forgot to press the "Bestellung abschicken" button.

You migth use any kind of spam protection and the confirming mail gets blocked. In this case you should also check the spam folder.

If there are further problems please do not hesitate to call the following number: +49/3379-201453

If I cannot pay my order promptly what is the explicit deadline for payments?

If you did not manage to fix the payment within 48 hours you can of course catch up as far as there is enough time left untill the date of the particular event.

Most banks can book a payment within 24 hours in case you are using online-banking. As allready mentioned when using a handwriten withdrawal it will take a little longer.

Please make shure that there are at least 3 full days left till the date of the particular event.
In case the money comes up too late and we cannot deliver your ticket you will of course get your money back.

Can I also order tickets even though I don't have a printer?

If you don't have a printer we can also transfer your demanded tickets via fax. In this case please also type in your fax number into the subject line.

In case you neither have a printer nor a fax you can also ask kith and kin wether they can help you out. In this case please type in the email adress or fax number you wish the ticket to be transfered to or forward our mail to your personal printing destination.

I cannot open the ticket-attachment. What should I do?

Normally our tickets are delivered via pdf-format. This is the international standart and normally computers are equipped with the necessary software. If this is not the case you can download "Akrobat Reader" for free if you click on the following button. This should avoid any upcoming difficulties with pdf-data.

If you don't want to download the "Akrobat Reader" we can also tansfer you orders via fax. In this case please mail to: and tell us your fax number.

Furthermore we advice you to forward your ticket-mails to somebody who can handle pdf-data and who owns a printer

What to do if i unintentionally deleted the ticket-mail?

Don't worry! We have a database where we store all the incoming orders. In case you have deleted one of your ticket-mails please mail to: type in your name, your invoice number so we can deliver the missing mail for once again. This little service will of course be for free.

Do I need a color printer?

No, as long as the ticket code is readable it doesn't matter wether it's a color or black/white print. 


Um unseren Service (mit VVK-Gebühren, die weit unter dem Branchendurchschnitt liegen) Euch weiter anbieten zu können, gelten für alle NEUEN Kartenbestellungen die ab dem 1.Februar 2021 getätigt wurden unsere neuen AGBs.
Im Falle von Kartenrückgaben für verschobene oder abgesagte Konzerte wird für die Abwicklung der Rückerstattung ab sofort eine Bearbeitungsgebühr von 6,50 € je Stornierungsvorgang zuzüglich 1,50 € je retournierter Karte anfallen.
Weitere Informationen zu Kartenrückerstattungen findet Ihr in unseren AGBs.


Im Zuge der neuen Gesetzgebung haben wir natürlich auch unsere Datenschutzmaßnahmen angepaßt welche HIER nachzulesen sind.


Alle Ticketpreise auf unserer Seite sind Endpreise (es sei denn Ihr wollt aus unseren Postversandservice benutzen siehe Artikel unten).

Im Gegensatz zur Konkurenz kommen bei Ticket69-Bestellungen keine ärgerlichen pauschalen Versandkosten oder Systemgebühren auf den Gesamtpreis dazu.

Um Karten zu bestellen klickt links unter Artists oder Events einfach auf die gewünschte Band oder Veranstaltung!


Um Karten bei uns zu bestellen braucht Ihr keine nervige Kundenregistrierung vorzunehmen sondern lediglich Namen und E-Mail-Adresse angeben. Die Postadresse brauchen wir nur falls Ihr auf der Rechnung Eure Anschrift stehen haben wollt.


Leider können wir aktuell Euch keinen Telefonservice anbieten. Das Thema Arbeitskräftemangel zieht sich ja leider durch alle Branchen und hat auch uns getroffen.

Bitte schreibt eine E-Mail an falls Fragen zu unserem System oder dem Status eurer Bestellung bestehen.

Falls Ihr Eure Tickets vermißt, möchten wir Euch bitten zuvor erstmal zu schauen ob die E-Mail mit Euren Karten evtl. in Eurem Spamordner gelandet ist. Außerdem beachtet bitte, dass es (nachdem das Geld von Eurem Konto runtergebucht ist) noch bis zu 3 Werktage dauern kann bis Eure Überweisung bei uns gut geschrieben ist.

Bitte beachtet dass Ihr immer nur bis 6 Tage vor dem jeweiligen Konzert Karten ordern könnt, damit auch sicher ist dass Eure Überweisung rechtzeitig bei uns eingeht und wir Euch somit auch rechtzeitig Eure Karten zusenden können.


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